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The Beechjet 400, a stalwart in the light jet segment, presents an appealing option in the pre-owned market, demonstrating significant value retention when juxtaposed with its original price of $6,700,000. Currently, with 19 aircraft listed for sale, which accounts for 8% of the total fleet, the market scenario indicates a healthy liquidity. The pre-owned market shows a diverse price range with an average listing price of $1,500,000, peaking at $2,200,000 for well-maintained or upgraded models, and dipping as low as $750,000 for older or less pristine examples. These price points, coupled with manageable monthly payments around $5,000, make the Beechjet 400 a financially accessible choice for businesses and private owners alike. This pricing structure underscores the aircraft’s enduring desirability and robust market presence, catering to a wide spectrum of buyers seeking the efficiency, comfort, and reliability that the Beechjet 400 is renowned for.

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