Super Mid-Size Jets For Charter

Super mid-size jets redefine the standards of corporate and luxury aviation, blending expansive range with uncompromising comfort. Designed to accommodate 8 to 10 passengers, these aircraft boast interiors that exude sophistication, complete with full galleys, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and lie-flat seating options. Their extended range ensures they excel in transcontinental journeys, while their adeptness at accessing regional airports guarantees unparalleled flexibility. With cruising speeds upwards of 450 knots, chartering a super mid-size jet promises not only swift travel but an experience characterized by elegance and efficiency.

Super Mid-Size Jets Private Flights

Super Mid-Size Jets Specifications

Super mid-size jets can typically fly nonstop for 6 to 8 hours, making them suitable for transcontinental and select intercontinental routes, depending on the specific model and conditions.
These aircraft offer a more spacious cabin environment than standard midsize jets, accommodating medium-sized groups with comfort. They almost always require a two-pilot configuration and can sometimes be complemented by a flight attendant for enhanced onboard service.
Super mid-size jets come equipped with an array of luxurious amenities. This includes an expanded galley for sophisticated in-flight catering, lie-flat seats for utmost relaxation, cutting-edge entertainment systems, and more spacious lavatories. Some models even feature a dedicated divan or small conference areas.
One of the significant advantages of super mid-size jets is their blend of range and field performance. They can access many regional airports, yet have the range to fly longer missions nonstop. This versatility makes them a prime choice for both business and luxury travel.
Super mid-size jets are designed for swift travel, boasting average cruising speeds of approximately 450 to 510 knots. This ensures a rapid transit for those important business meetings or luxury getaways.

Super Mid-Size Jets for Charter

Charter a Super Mid-Size Jets

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