Private Jet Card

Introducing our Jet Card – your passport to unrivaled convenience in private aviation. This prepaid card, available for purchase in 10-hour blocks, grants you the flexibility to reserve a seat on one of our premium private jets with just a mere 72-hour heads-up. With this Jet Card, we’ve streamlined the booking process, providing you a cost-effective avenue to experience the epitome of safety, luxury, and sophistication in private travel. Elevate your journey with us, without the complexities!

Jet Card Features

Minimum Commitment


Membership fees


Expiry Period




Jet Changes

No Premium


Free at any time


3 Business Days

Jet Card MEmbership

Discover the advantages of flying regularly with The Jet Collection

Designed with utmost precision in mind, our Jet Card is the embodiment of ease in private aviation. Whether you’re seeking 10, 25, 50, or 100 hours of unparalleled flying time, gain access to some of the most modern and elite aircrafts gracing the skies. Our esteemed clients constantly echo a sentiment: it’s not merely about the cost-effective journey from point A to B. It’s the extraordinary people they meet, the breathtaking places they visit, and the unparalleled access they enjoy that craft those unforgettable, ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.

We value trust and honesty. Our commitment is to ensure you never encounter surprise fees or charges. Whether it’s dead head charges, additional overnights, repositioning, or taxi-time, with our Jet Card, what you see is what you pay. Our all-inclusive pricing structure is meticulously crafted to provide clear, fixed hourly rates. Explore our current Jet Card Pricing for a comprehensive breakdown.

Jet Card Membership isn’t just about flying; it’s about flying on your terms. Feel rejuvenated, serene, and at your peak every time you fly. With our card, you’re guaranteed access to a fleet of 7,000+ aircrafts any hour of the day, any day of the year.

Our relationship begins with a conversation. As you speak, our aviation specialists delve deep, understanding and aligning with your unique travel needs. Our mission is not just to offer you a Jet Card but to ensure it’s the perfect fit, optimizing both time and cost for your unique travel blueprint. Join us, and let’s craft your ideal journey together.

How it Works

Simplified Flying

  1. Kickstart your journey with The Jet Collection by opening an account with as few as 10 hours. 
  2. Reach out to your 24/7 Jet Broker with your travel specifics and desires. We will propose the optimal private jet solution tailored to your itinerary.
  3. Choose your preferred aircraft and finalize your reservation. Flight and taxi durations will be accounted for from your balance, keeping you updated at every step.
  4. Detail your preferences, from catering to transportation solutions, ensuring a seamless and memorable voyage.
  5. Prepare for takeoff. Unwind as The Jet Collection meticulously arranges every facet of your journey, ensuring a flawless and impeccable flying experience.

Private Jet Safety

Unparalleled Safety

Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s an unwavering commitment when it comes to our Jet Collection. Every aircraft under our wing undergoes rigorous maintenance, regular inspections, and strict compliance checks to ensure they meet and exceed international aviation standards. Our pilots are not only seasoned aviators but also undergo continuous training and evaluations, familiarizing themselves with the latest safety protocols and technologies. Additionally, our ground crew and operations team work in perfect synchronization, adhering to a meticulous set of safety guidelines, guaranteeing that every flight is executed under the umbrella of utmost security. With the Jet Collection, passengers don’t merely experience luxury and convenience; they are enveloped in the highest echelons of safety standards in the realm of private aviation.

Aircrafts with the Jet Card

Discover the selection of Jets available with our jet card. 


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