Ultra Long Range Jets For Sale

Experience the epitome of private aviation luxury with our selection of super ultra long-range jets for sale. Crafted for the world’s elite travelers, these aircraft redefine global travel, seamlessly connecting distant continents without the need for a stopover. Step into their opulent cabins, where state-of-the-art entertainment systems, gourmet dining facilities, and luxurious sleep configurations await. Chartering one of these super ultra long-range jets is a declaration of unparalleled prestige, ensuring that your extensive journeys are experienced with unmatched comfort and style. Elevate your travel experience to new heights of luxury and sophistication with our exclusive collection of super ultra long-range jets for sale.

Ultra Long Range Jets Private Flights

Ultra Long Range Jets Specifications

Ultra long-range jets can typically fly nonstop for 12 to 15 hours, seamlessly connecting distant continents and enabling journeys that traverse vast portions of the globe without the need for refueling.
These aircraft are often designed with distinct zones within their spacious cabins, including areas for dining, relaxation, work, or sleep. A two-pilot configuration is standard, often complemented by one or more flight attendants to enhance the travel experience.
The cabin environment of ultra long-range jets is akin to a flying penthouse. Amenities often include fully equipped galleys capable of producing gourmet meals, entertainment suites with cinema-quality audio-visual systems, fully-reclining seats or lie-flat beds for rest, expansive storage for luggage, and on select models, luxurious showers for mid-flight refreshment.
These jets are specifically engineered for ultra long-haul missions. They can connect major global cities, like New York to Singapore, with ease. Their spacious cargo holds are ideal for both personal luggage and specialized equipment. While primarily operated from major airports, some variants retain the flexibility to use medium-sized airfields.
Despite their larger size and extensive range, ultra long-range jets don’t compromise on speed. Their cruising speed typically hover between 490 to 590 knots, ensuring rapid connectivity across global distances.

Ultra Long Range Jets for Sale

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