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Orly Airport (ORY), positioned just south of Paris, holds a distinguished place in the annals of European aviation. While it serves a substantial commercial passenger base, Orly also offers sophisticated services for the private jet sector, ensuring that high-net-worth individuals, executives, and discerning travelers experience seamless journeys to or from the French capital. Boasting three runways, with the lengthiest extending to 11,975 feet, Orly is equipped to welcome a vast array of private aircraft, from nimble turboprops to sizeable business jets. Positioned at an elevation of 291 feet above sea level and delineated by coordinates 48.7233° N latitude and 2.3794° E longitude, Orly Airport’s dedicated Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) are committed to offering unparalleled service, blending both discretion and efficiency, making it an esteemed choice for private jet charters in the heart of Europe.

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48.7233° N, 2.3794° E

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