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Strategically situated in the French Alps, the Megève Altiport (MVV) offers an exceptional advantage for elite travelers seeking rapid and direct access to the region’s top destinations. The altiport, uniquely adapted for mountainous terrains with its 1,378-foot (420-meter) runway, is perfectly positioned to facilitate efficient helicopter transfers, ensuring passengers experience minimal downtime. Operating at an altitude of approximately 4,757 feet (1,450 meters) and marked by coordinates Latitude 45.8208° N and Longitude 6.6522° E, MVV is renowned for its precision, safety, and the panoramic beauty that accompanies every ascent and descent. Opting for a helicopter transfer from Megève Altiport is a testament to a commitment to efficiency, luxury, and the unparalleled experience of traversing the Alpine skyline.

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45.8208° N, 6.6522° E.

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