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Challenger 300 Operating Costs

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is renowned for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the super-midsize jet category. The total hourly operating cost for the Challenger 300, when factoring in charter hours, averages around $6,521. This encompasses all major expenses, including fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and other variable costs. Annually, owners can expect fixed costs in the range of $870,000, with variable costs contributing an additional $2,065,00, depending on usage. These costs reflect the Challenger 300’s balance of high performance and manageable operating expenses, making it an attractive option for both private and corporate aviation needs. With a range of 3,100 nautical miles and the ability to cruise at 470 knots, the Challenger 300 delivers exceptional value through its combination of range, speed, and operational efficiency.

Challenger 300 Budget


Starting From*

*Average yearly budget for a Challenger 300 based on current fuel price and 450 hours flew per year.

Challenger 300 Costs

Discover the operating costs of a Challenger 300 before finding the jet that suits your needs:
Challenger 300

450 Hours per Year

Total Fixed Costs*


Total Variable Costs**


Annual Budget


Charter Revenue***


Hourly Cost


*Crew, Crew Training, Hangar, Insurance, Jet Management, Miscellaneous Fixed

**Fuel cost, Maintenance, Engine Overhaul, Misc Crew/Landing/Handling, Miscellaneous Variable

***200 hours of charter per year

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