Heavy Jets For Charter

Super heavy jets stand as the zenith of private aviation, merging unparalleled range with the epitome of luxury. Engineered to accommodate demanding global itineraries, these aircraft comfortably seat between 10 to 16 passengers, delivering a travel experience of unmatched prestige. Within their opulent cabins, passengers find full-service galleys, expansive entertainment suites, and lie-flat bedding configurations, ensuring utmost comfort on transcontinental and intercontinental voyages. Coupled with cruising speeds that minimize travel time, chartering a super heavy jet is the embodiment of efficiency, luxury, and sophistication for the discerning traveler.

Heavy Jets Private Flights

Heavy Jets Specifications

Large jets can typically fly nonstop for 8 to 10 hours or more, catering to long-haul and intercontinental routes. This makes them suitable for almost any global itinerary.
These jets feature a spacious cabin environment, often with separate zones for dining, relaxation, or sleep. Typically operated by two pilots and complemented by one or more flight attendants, they ensure passengers are serviced and attended to throughout the journey.
The amenities in large jets rival that of luxurious hotel suites. They include full-service galleys capable of preparing gourmet meals, multiple enclosed lavatories, entertainment suites with large screens, connectivity options, fully reclining seats or lie-flat beds, and often a dedicated crew rest area. Some even have onboard showers.
Large jets are built to cover vast distances without the need for refueling. They can connect continents with ease, and their cargo capabilities mean travelers can bring along substantial luggage or equipment. Moreover, while they’re more commonly associated with major airports, many are still capable of accessing select smaller airports, providing a degree of flexibility.
Designed for long-haul missions, large jets maintain impressive speeds, typically cruising between 470 and 560 knots. This ensures expedient travel, even across vast distances.

Heavy Jets for Charter

Charter a Heavy Jets

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