Mid-Size Jets For Charter

Midsize jets stand as the epitome of balanced performance and luxury in the charter aviation world. Engineered for both comfort and range, these aircraft cater perfectly to discerning business travelers and leisure seekers alike. With seating typically accommodating 7 to 9 passengers, these jets provide a spacious and luxurious environment, complemented by amenities such as full galleys, advanced entertainment systems, and enclosed lavatories. Their capability to access smaller airports, combined with impressive transcontinental reach, makes them a preferred choice for diverse travel needs. When excellence in speed, comfort, and versatility is a priority, midsize jet charters rise to the occasion.

Mid-Size Jets Private Flights

Mid-Size Jets Specifications

Midsize jets can typically fly nonstop for 5 to 7 hours, accommodating transcontinental trips and even some intercontinental routes depending on the specific model and conditions.
These jets are designed with a spacious interior for medium-sized groups. They usually require two pilots for operation, with a cabin spacious enough to allow passengers to move around comfortably.
Midsize jets elevate the flight experience with features such as an enclosed lavatory, full galley for in-flight catering, reclining leather seats, entertainment systems, and sometimes even a dedicated flight attendant for enhanced service. There’s also ample luggage space and in-cabin storage.
Midsize jets have the advantage of landing at smaller regional airports while still offering a longer range than light jets. Their fuel efficiency and versatility make them a preferred choice for both short hops and longer, transcontinental routes.
Midsize jets maintain a competitive edge with cruising speeds ranging from approximately 430 to 490 knots. This ensures timely travel, especially vital for business commitments and tight schedules.

Mid-Size Jets for Charter

Charter a Mid-Size Jets

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