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Challenger 350 Operating Costs

Operating a Challenger 350 involves comprehensive financial planning, encompassing both direct and fixed costs. Direct operating costs, which include fuel, maintenance, and engine overhaul, amount to approximately $696,384 annually for 200 flight hours and $1,392,768 for 400 hours. Fixed costs, covering crew salaries, training, hangar fees, insurance, and jet management, add up to $556,843 per year. This brings the total annual budget to about $1,253,226 for 200 hours of operation and $1,949,610 for 400 hours. Factoring in charter operations, the average cost per flight hour is around $4,865, providing a clear financial framework for potential operators and owners to budget effectively for their aviation needs. This detailed cost structure ensures that the Challenger 350 remains a top choice for efficient and luxurious business travel.

Challenger 350 Budget


Starting From*

*Average yearly budget for a Challenger 350 based on current fuel price and 450 hours flew per year.

Challenger 350 Costs

Discover the operating costs of a Challenger 350 before finding the jet that suits your needs:
Challenger 350

450 Hours per Year

Total Fixed Costs*


Total Variable Costs**


Annual Budget


Charter Revenue***


Hourly Cost


*Crew, Crew Training, Hangar, Insurance, Jet Management, Miscellaneous Fixed

**Fuel cost, Maintenance, Engine Overhaul, Misc Crew/Landing/Handling, Miscellaneous Variable

***200 hours of charter per year

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