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The Challenger 350 continues to hold a strong position in the business aviation marketplace with a competitive average price point of $18 million, compared to its original new price of $26.5 million. This represents significant value retention and cost savings for buyers looking to invest in a robust and luxurious business jet. The market currently shows a relatively healthy inventory with 21 aircraft available, equating to 4% of the total fleet. This provides potential buyers with a decent selection, reflected in the price range from a low of approximately $15.5 million to a high of nearly $19 million. Monthly payment plans are estimated at $300,000, offering a feasible financing option that aligns with the jet’s premium status and operational capabilities. Overall, the Challenger 350’s pricing dynamics are influenced by its enduring appeal, technological sophistication, and performance efficiencies, making it a sought-after model in the super-midsize category.

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