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The Challenger 850 is currently represented in the market with six units available for sale, constituting a significant 10% of its fleet. This indicates a moderately high turnover and suggests active interest and liquidity in this aircraft segment. The market for the Challenger 850 ranges from $6,500,000 for older models or those with higher flight hours, to $10,000,000 for aircraft in exceptional condition or with extensive upgrades. With an average price of $8,000,000, the Challenger 850 is positioned as a cost-effective option for buyers looking for a jet with substantial cabin space and robust performance capabilities, particularly when compared to its original new price of $32,000,000. Monthly payment estimates seem unusually high at $41,000,000, likely due to a typographical error in reporting; typically, financing costs would be considerably lower, making this jet more accessible for prospective buyers. This pricing dynamic offers a viable entry point into the large jet category, delivering value and luxury well below the cost when new.

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