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The Gulfstream G550 continues to be a stalwart in the ultra-long-range business jet segment, offering a compelling blend of performance, reliability, and luxury. This aircraft boasts a formidable range of up to 6,750 nautical miles, enabling non-stop flights from Tokyo to Paris or Miami to Dubai. Powered by twin Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, the G550 cruises at speeds up to Mach 0.885, ensuring rapid transcontinental travel. The cabin, designed to enhance passenger comfort, accommodates up to 19 passengers and can be configured into multiple layouts, featuring advanced soundproofing, high-definition entertainment systems, and satellite communications. The cockpit is equipped with Gulfstream’s PlaneView avionics suite, which integrates state-of-the-art navigation and safety features, enhancing pilot situational awareness and efficiency. The G550’s enduring appeal lies in its robust capabilities and luxurious accommodations, making it a preferred choice for both corporate fleets and private owners seeking a proven, versatile jet for worldwide travel.

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*Average purchase price for a pre-owned Gulfstream G550 based on current market data and monthly payment based on a 50% loan.

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Gulfstream G550 Exterior
G550 for charter
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Gulfstream G550 Specifications



Ultra-Long Range Jets


Gulfstream Aerospace

Production Start


Units Produced



Rolls-Royce BR710






Take Off Distance

5910 Feet

Landing Distance

2770 Feet

Cruising Speed

488 Knots

Top Speed

588 Knots


6750 Nm

Max Altitude 

51000 Feet


Day Passengers


Night Passengers


Hold Luggages

226 Cubic Feet

Gulfstream G550 Range

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Gulfstream G550 Price

The Gulfstream G550, a prominent figure in the ultra-long-range business jet market, currently displays a moderate market availability with 31 units for sale, accounting for 5% of the total fleet. This availability reflects a healthy demand and turnover within the segment. The aircraft are listed at an average price of $17 million, which is significantly lower than the original new price of $47 million, underscoring the typical depreciation over time. The range of prices from $13.995 million to $26.5 million can be attributed to various factors including age, flight hours, maintenance records, and custom interior configurations. Monthly payments for acquiring a G550 are around $89,000, providing an accessible entry point for buyers looking to invest in a jet with exceptional range and luxurious amenities without the steep price of a brand-new model. This pricing analysis highlights the G550 as a value-driven option for discerning buyers who seek performance and prestige in their aviation assets.

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31 Units

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