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Private jet charters to and from Tel Aviv Airport offer a sophisticated and efficient travel experience, harmonizing luxury with the latest in aviation technology. Catering to the needs of discerning clientele, these charters feature a range of high-performance aircraft, from light jets capable of seating 6-8 passengers with cruising speeds of approximately 400-460 knots, to more spacious heavy jets that can accommodate up to 19 passengers, maintaining optimal speeds of 500-560 knots. These modern aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, ensuring precise navigation and steadfast communication throughout each journey. Exclusive terminals facilitate rapid, discreet transitions from ground to air, with services designed to bypass the congestion of commercial travel. Once airborne, these jets can swiftly attain cruising altitudes of 41,000 to 51,000 feet, minimizing air traffic interaction and turbulence, thus ensuring a smoother ride. With the capability of covering non-stop flights over distances up to 7,500 nautical miles, these charters provide expedient, direct connections to global destinations from Israel’s thriving metropolis, underlining the seamless blend of comfort and technical excellence.

Ben Gurion International Airport Private Flights










32.0114° N, 34.8867° E

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From $1,950/h

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