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Westchester County Airport (HPN), nestled just 33 miles north of Manhattan, has emerged as a favored hub for the elite travelers of the New York metropolitan area, offering a quieter, more exclusive alternative to the city’s major commercial airports. Catering primarily to the demands of private jet clientele, HPN has positioned itself as the quintessential gateway for both business magnates and leisure seekers. The airport boasts a main runway, 16/34, that stretches 6,549 feet, making it amenable to a wide spectrum of aircraft, from nimble light jets to the more expansive long-range corporate jets. Positioned at an elevation of approximately 439 feet above sea level, and with coordinates roughly at 41.0670° N latitude and 73.7076° W longitude, Westchester ensures efficient, rapid access to the heart of the Big Apple as well as other key destinations across the Eastern seaboard. Beyond its impressive technical specs, Westchester County Airport embodies the sophistication and expediency that private jet travelers seek, solidifying its reputation in the realm of premium aviation.

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41.0670° N, 73.7076° W

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