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The Global 6500 is a distinguished member of the business jet elite, designed to meet the most stringent demands of international travel. This aircraft extends its capabilities with a range of up to 6,600 nautical miles, enabling non-stop connections between cities such as London and Hong Kong. Powered by the advanced Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the Global 6500 not only provides enhanced fuel efficiency but also increased performance, allowing for faster flights and reduced operational costs. The cabin, a masterpiece of design and technology, offers a tranquil environment, equipped with the latest in connectivity and entertainment systems. It comfortably accommodates up to 17 passengers in a spacious layout that can be customized to include office suites, lounges, and dining areas, ensuring productivity and relaxation throughout the journey. The Global 6500, with its blend of speed, range, and luxury, epitomizes the pinnacle of modern aviation technology and comfort.

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*Average purchase price for a pre-owned Global 6500 based on current market data and monthly payment based on a 50% loan.

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Global 6500 Exterior
Global 6500 for charter
Global 6500 Interior

Global 6500 Specifications



Heavy Business Jets



Production Start


Units Produced



Rolls-Royce Pearl 15






Take Off Distance

5800 Feet

Landing Distance

2500 Feet

Cruising Speed

488 Knots

Top Speed

690 Knots


6600 Nm

Max Altitude 

51000 Feet


Day Passengers


Night Passengers


Hold Luggages

195 Cubic Feet

Global 6500 Range

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Global 6500 Price

The Global 6500 market exhibits a relatively high availability, with 25% of the fleet currently for sale, indicating a significant presence in the resale market. This could suggest a buyer’s market where purchasers have the advantage of choice and potentially better negotiation leverage. The aircraft are listed with an average price of $40,000,000, which is considerably lower than the new list price of $58,000,000, presenting a substantial saving for buyers while still acquiring a nearly new jet with cutting-edge technology and performance. The price range varies from $35,000,000 for aircraft that might be configured with fewer options or higher utilization, to $52,000,000 for those in pristine condition or with highly customized interiors. With monthly payments estimated at $277,000, the Global 6500 remains accessible for businesses and individuals seeking a state-of-the-art long-range business jet without the premium of buying new. This pricing dynamic offers a compelling opportunity for discerning buyers looking to invest in a modern, efficient, and luxurious business jet.

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5 Units

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