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Gulfstream G650 Operating Costs

The Gulfstream G650, a pinnacle in business aviation, exemplifies a significant investment in both direct and fixed operating costs. Analyzing these expenses for varying usage scenarios—200 hours and 400 hours of annual flight—provides insight into the financial commitments of operating such an aircraft. For an operator flying 200 hours per year, the total annual budget approaches approximately $1.87 million. This sum comprises about $1.13 million in direct operating costs (DOC) and $730,000 in fixed costs. The DOC mainly consists of fuel costs, which are the highest single expense at roughly $730,000, reflecting the aircraft’s substantial fuel consumption at an average price of $7.23 per gallon. Maintenance and engine overhaul costs also form significant portions of the DOC, totaling about $200,000 and $190,000, respectively. Doubling the flight hours to 400 annually, the financial outlay rises notably to around $3 million. While the fixed costs remain constant at $730,000, the DOC doubles to about $2.27 million. This increase is directly tied to higher fuel consumption, now costing about $1.45 million, and duplicated maintenance and engine-related expenses. These financial insights are crucial for potential operators or fleet managers, emphasizing the G650’s operational efficiency and the cost implications of increased utilization. Balancing these costs with the jet’s performance capabilities and the luxury it offers is key to optimizing its use in corporate or charter roles.

Gulfstream G650 Budget


Starting From*

*Average yearly budget for a Gulfstream G650 based on current fuel price and 450 hours flew per year.

Gulfstream G650 Costs

Discover the operating costs of a Gulfstream G650 before finding the jet that suits your needs:
Gulfstream G650

450 Hours per Year

Total Fixed Costs*


Total Variable Costs**


Annual Budget


Charter Revenue***


Hourly Cost


*Crew, Crew Training, Hangar, Insurance, Jet Management, Miscellaneous Fixed

**Fuel cost, Maintenance, Engine Overhaul, Misc Crew/Landing/Handling, Miscellaneous Variable

***200 hours of charter per year

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