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Gulfstream G700 Operating Costs

The operating costs of the Gulfstream G700, a flagship aircraft in the business aviation sector, encompass both fixed and variable expenses, amounting to a significant annual budget. Fixed costs for the G700 are estimated at $1,250,000, covering essential expenses such as crew salaries, insurance, and hangar fees. Variable costs, which include fuel, maintenance, and other flight-related expenses, are projected at $2,000,000. Together, these bring the total annual operating budget to $3,250,000. Despite the high costs, the G700’s potential for generating charter revenue is substantial, with an estimated $1,500,000 in annual earnings. Once the charter revenue is factored in, the net annual operating cost is effectively reduced. For the owner, this adjustment means the hourly operating cost, after accounting for charter profits, is approximately $5,800. This figure is crucial for operators to consider when planning flights and charter operations to ensure financial efficiency and profitability.

Gulfstream G700 Budget


Starting From*

*Average yearly budget for a Gulfstream G700 based on current fuel price and 450 hours flew per year.

Gulfstream G700 Costs

Discover the operating costs of a Gulfstream G700 before finding the jet that suits your needs:
Gulfstream G700

450 Hours per Year

Total Fixed Costs*


Total Variable Costs**


Annual Budget


Charter Revenue***


Hourly Cost


*Crew, Crew Training, Hangar, Insurance, Jet Management, Miscellaneous Fixed

**Fuel cost, Maintenance, Engine Overhaul, Misc Crew/Landing/Handling, Miscellaneous Variable

***200 hours of charter per year

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