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The Embraer Phenom 300E, an enhanced version of the highly acclaimed Phenom 300, stands out in the light jet market for its perfect amalgamation of luxury, performance, and advanced technology. As the fastest and longest-ranged single-pilot aircraft in its class, the Phenom 300E boasts a top cruising speed of 464 knots and a maximum range of 2,010 nautical miles, effortlessly connecting key city pairs like New York to Dallas or London to Athens. It is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PW535E1 engines, offering not only robust performance but also superior fuel efficiency. The cabin, recognized for its sophisticated design and ergonomic comfort, accommodates up to 10 passengers and features state-of-the-art technology including high-speed connectivity and a next-generation avionics suite. The Prodigy Touch Flight Deck, based on Garmin’s G3000 system, integrates all critical data into high-resolution displays, enhancing pilot situational awareness and flight safety. The Phenom 300E is designed for discerning travelers who seek reliability, efficiency, and exceptional comfort in their private aviation experiences.

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*Average purchase price for a pre-owned Phenom 300E based on current market data and monthly payment based on a 50% loan.

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Phenom 300E Exterior
Embraer Phenom 300E for charter
Phenom 300E Interior

Phenom 300E Specifications



Light Jets



Production Start


Units Produced



Pratt & Whitney PW535E






Take Off Distance

3209 Feet

Landing Distance

2620 Feet

Cruising Speed

464 Knots

Top Speed

482 Knots


2268 Nm

Max Altitude 

45000 Feet


Day Passengers


Night Passengers


Hold Luggages

74 Cubic Feet

Phenom 300E Range

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Phenom 300E Price

The Embraer Phenom 300E, revered for its advanced capabilities and luxurious appointments, currently has a modest presence on the market with 6 units available, which constitutes 1% of the total fleet. This limited availability indicates strong demand and relatively high retention of value for this model. The aircraft is trading at an average price of $8 million, which, while lower than its new price tag of $11 million, reflects a strong market position given its recent upgrades and enhancements. Prices range from $5.975 million to $13.5 million, demonstrating a wide spectrum based on the year of manufacture, usage, specific upgrades, and additional luxury customizations. Monthly payments are estimated at about $22,000, making the Phenom 300E a viable option for buyers seeking a nearly new light jet with cutting-edge technology and high performance. This price positioning underscores the Phenom 300E’s appeal as one of the leading choices in the light jet market, attractive to both corporate and private operators for its efficiency, advanced avionics, and superior cabin comfort.

Aircrafts on Market

6 Units

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