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Geneva Airport (GVA), nestled at the heart of Europe and just a stone’s throw away from the majestic Alps, stands as a beacon for luxury travelers and diplomats from around the globe. As the gateway to the international city of Geneva, home to numerous global institutions, this airport sees a significant influx of private jet charters catering to the world’s elites. Its strategic location ensures easy access to key European cities and alpine luxury resorts, making it particularly attractive for both business and leisure travelers. The airport houses a single concrete runway, 04/22, that measures a generous 12,795 feet, facilitating the operation of a wide range of private jets, from light aircraft to long-range business jets. Positioned at an elevation of 1,411 feet above sea level, its coordinates are pinpointed at approximately 46.2044° N latitude and 6.1432° E longitude. With world-class FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) and private lounges, Geneva Airport epitomizes the fusion of luxury, efficiency, and strategic positioning in the private aviation sector.

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46.2044° N, 6.1432° E

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