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Miami Executive Airport (TMB), formerly known as Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, stands as a premier alternative to Miami’s main international airport for those prioritizing convenience, privacy, and efficiency. Situated in the southwestern region of Miami-Dade County, TMB is a preferred choice for business magnates, celebrities, and leisure travelers looking for a swift entry or exit from the Miami metropolitan area without the bustle of major commercial hubs. The airport boasts three asphalt runways, with its primary runway, 09R/27L, stretching an impressive 5,999 feet, making it suitable for a wide range of private jet categories from light jets to larger intercontinental business aircraft. Elevated approximately 8 feet above sea level and anchored at coordinates around 25.6479° N latitude and 80.4334° W longitude, Miami Executive Airport offers an optimal blend of modern infrastructure and strategic location, making it a crown jewel in the world of luxury private aviation in South Florida.

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25.6479° N, 80.4334° W

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