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Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), located just a few miles west of the pristine shores of Palm Beach, Florida, serves as a primary hub for luxury travelers, attracting a significant share of private jet charters and flights. Renowned for its convenient proximity to upscale resorts, business districts, and exclusive communities, PBI presents an enticing option for celebrities, executives, and vacationers. The airport features three asphalt runways, with its longest, 10L/28R, spanning a generous 10,008 feet, making it adept at accommodating everything from compact light jets to sizable transcontinental corporate jets. Positioned at an elevation of about 19 feet above sea level and located at coordinates approximately 26.6832° N latitude and 80.0956° W longitude, Palm Beach International ensures swift and streamlined access to South Florida’s myriad attractions. Melding top-tier facilities with a strategic location, PBI exemplifies the opulence and efficiency associated with premium private aviation.

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26.6832° N, 80.0956° W

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