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Private jet flights from Amman Airport exemplify technical superiority and personalized service, providing passengers with an unmatched travel experience. These elite charters utilize a diverse fleet, from efficient light jets capable of transporting 6-8 passengers at speeds of 400-460 knots to expansive heavy jets that accommodate up to 19 passengers and maintain cruising speeds of 500-560 knots. All aircraft are furnished with advanced avionic systems for precision navigation, ensuring a seamless journey through various flight corridors. Strategically departing from private terminals, these jets can swiftly reach cruising altitudes between 41,000 and 51,000 feet, effectively reducing flight time by avoiding crowded airspaces and enabling smoother rides. With the capability to cover non-stop ranges of up to 7,500 nautical miles, passengers can travel from Amman to distant global destinations without the inconvenience of multiple stopovers. These technical efficiencies, coupled with luxurious onboard amenities, offer travelers departing from Amman an exquisite blend of sophistication, comfort, and convenience.

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31.7226° N, 35.9932° E

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From $1,950/h

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