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Shanghai Pudong International Airport, a cornerstone of global and domestic aviation in Eastern China, facilitates an elite private jet service that caters to the needs of business executives, dignitaries, and luxury travelers. Equipped with four state-of-the-art runways, including its longest at 4,000 meters (approximately 13,123 feet), the airport is designed to accommodate a wide range of private aircraft, from nimble light jets to the most capable long-range business jets. Situated at a modest altitude of 13 feet above sea level, and with coordinates at 31.1443° N, 121.8053° E, Pudong Airport offers an optimal location for efficient flight operations. Its sophisticated air traffic control systems and 24/7 operational capacity ensure that private jet flights can be conducted with the utmost flexibility and convenience, providing passengers with seamless access to Shanghai’s dynamic economy and rich cultural landscape. This, combined with VIP lounges and dedicated services for private jet passengers, underscores Shanghai Pudong International Airport’s commitment to excellence in serving the high standards expected by the global private aviation community.

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31.1443° N 121.8053° E

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