Charter Broker

The Jet Collection seeks an enthusiastic and seasoned Private Jet Charter Broker to be a part of our expanding team. The right individual will have a fervor for luxury travel, a rich network within the aviation sector, and an intrinsic understanding of the refined preferences of our elite clientele.

Key Responsibilities:

Client Acquisition & Management:
Vigorously source and onboard new clientele whilst cultivating and maintaining relationships with our existing clients.
Comprehend clients’ travel aspirations, inclinations, and budgets to curate bespoke flight experiences.

Charter Coordination:
Forge strong alliances with operators to procure competitive charter quotations.
Assure the facilitation of apt aircraft, crew, and all additional logistical necessities for the charters.
Oversee and handle charter bookings, ensuring meticulous communication and coordination.

Sales & Negotiation:
Illustrate charter alternatives to clients, emphasizing the unique attributes of each.
Engage in price and term negotiations with both clients and suppliers to achieve optimal profitability, without compromising on client gratification.

Market Analysis:
Stay abreast of industry nuances, prevalent rates, and budding opportunities in the UK aviation market.
Modify sales techniques based on market insights to maintain a competitive edge.

Post-Flight Follow-up:
Gather feedback post-journey to uphold our standards of service.
Address any concerns or grievances promptly, ensuring client loyalty.

Qualifications & Skills:
Demonstrated experience as a jet charter broker or a similar role within the luxury travel or aviation domain.
Robust sales, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.
A well-established network in the aviation sector will be an advantage.
Autonomous work ethic with an eye for detail.
Astute problem-solving prowess and a dedication to client satisfaction.
Familiarity with CRM software and pertinent technology tools.
Knowledge of CAA regulations and standards concerning private jet charters.

This role operates on a commission basis. The sky’s the limit when it comes to earning potential, driven by individual prowess and sales accomplishments.
Comprehensive training, tools, and resources will be furnished to ensure success.


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