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Staniel Cay, a gem in the Exumas chain of the Bahamas, is an increasingly popular destination for jet charter enthusiasts and private flight aficionados. Its airport, Staniel Cay Airport (MYES), caters specifically to the needs of private aircraft, ensuring tailored services for an elite clientele. With a runway length of approximately 3,030 feet, the airport is ideally suited for light to mid-sized jets, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Located just a mere 75 miles south of Nassau, Staniel Cay offers travelers an exquisite blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. The airport’s strategic position provides not only a gateway to the stunning surrounding cays but also a seamless connection for those journeying between major hubs and this slice of paradise. Staniel Cay’s rise in private aviation underscores its allure as a must-visit destination for those seeking both luxury and adventure.

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