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Helicopter transfers between Monaco and Portofino offer the pinnacle of efficiency and luxury for discerning travelers wishing to navigate the Mediterranean coast. The distance between the two glamorous locations is approximately 160 kilometers. Utilizing a helicopter like the Airbus H135, known for its superior performance, passengers can expect a flight time of roughly 50 minutes, given the H135’s cruising speed of around 254 km/h and its maximum range of 635 kilometers. The twin-engine design ensures safety, while its spacious cabin can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers, offering panoramic views of the pristine coastline during the transit. Opting for a helicopter transfer not only reduces travel time significantly compared to ground transportation but also provides an unmatched aerial perspective of the Riviera’s breathtaking landscapes.

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Monaco to Portofino Helicopter Flight

Monaco to Portofino Helicopter

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