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The Global 7500 is a pinnacle of private aviation, offering unprecedented range and luxury in the ultra-long-range jet category. This aircraft is capable of flying 7,700 nautical miles non-stop, allowing passengers to travel from New York to Hong Kong or Singapore to San Francisco without refueling. Powered by the state-of-the-art General Electric Passport engines, the Global 7500 delivers exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and a smooth ride even at its cruising altitude of 51,000 feet. Inside, the cabin is unrivaled in space and design, accommodating up to 19 passengers with four distinct living spaces, a full-size kitchen, and a dedicated crew rest area. The aircraft also features advanced avionics technology, including a sophisticated vision flight deck that enhances pilot awareness and safety. The Global 7500 sets a new standard in the business jet market, providing top-tier comfort, extraordinary range, and leading-edge technology to meet the most demanding travel needs.

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*Average purchase price for a pre-owned Global 7500 based on current market data and monthly payment based on a 50% loan.

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Global 7500 for charter
Global 7500 Exterior
Global 7500 for charter
Global 7500 Interior

Global 7500 Specifications



Ultra-Long Range Jets



Production Start


Units Produced



Rolls-Royce Pearl 15






Take Off Distance

5800 Feet

Landing Distance

2400 Feet

Cruising Speed

516 Knots

Top Speed

616 Knots


7700 Nm

Max Altitude 

51000 Feet


Day Passengers


Night Passengers


Hold Luggages

195 Cubic Feet

Global 7500 Range

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Global 7500 Price

The market for the Global 7500, a premier model in the ultra-long-range business jet segment, showcases a modest availability with only three aircraft currently for sale, comprising 4% of the entire fleet. This demonstrates a balanced market dynamic, reflecting both rarity and high demand. With an average sales price of $72,000,000, purchasers of the Global 7500 can attain nearly the pinnacle of aviation luxury and performance at a discount from the original price of $81,000,000. The range in pricing from $68,000,000 to $75,000,000 indicates variations typically due to different levels of customization, usage, and onboard features. Monthly payments are estimated at $944,000, which aligns with the aircraft’s standing as a top-tier investment for discerning buyers seeking the latest in technology, comfort, and range capabilities. The pricing structure and finance options ensure that the Global 7500 remains an attractive option for those looking to own one of the most sophisticated jets in the market today.

Aircrafts on Market

3 Units

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