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In the exclusive world of ultra-long-range private jets, the Gulfstream G700 is the latest marvel to emerge, commanding a starting price of $75 million for a new model. With additional customizations and premium options, this figure can soar up to $80 million. However, as a brand-new aircraft, its future depreciation remains uncertain. The G700’s rarity has resulted in zero availability on the secondary market, contributing to an average new price of approximately $78 million. Those considering financing should expect an estimated monthly payment of around $500,000, assuming standard conditions. This pricing highlights the G700’s position as a leader in luxury and technology, catering to a niche clientele who demand the best. While its exclusivity makes it a highly coveted aircraft today, potential buyers should be mindful of its future value as it settles into the market. Despite the uncertainty surrounding depreciation, the G700 remains a groundbreaking choice in business aviation, offering unparalleled performance, comfort, and prestige.

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