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Al Bateen Executive Airport stands as the sole dedicated private jet airport in the Middle East. Nestled within the city of Abu Dhabi, it serves as a primary gateway for the elite, offering unmatched discretion, luxury, and efficiency. Originally built as a military airbase, Al Bateen has transformed over the years into a luxurious hub for private aviation, boasting world-class FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) and sophisticated private terminals. With its 10,499 feet runway, the airport is equipped to accommodate a diverse range of private aircraft, from nimble light jets to long-range, large-cabin aircraft. Sitting at an elevation of just 16 feet above sea level and located at coordinates 24.4283° N latitude and 54.4581° E longitude, Al Bateen provides a seamless connection for both regional and intercontinental private jet travelers, amplifying the emirate’s allure as a global destination for business and leisure.

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24.4283° N, 54.4581° E

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