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Situated in the heart of Dubai’s sprawling desert landscape, Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) stands as a testament to the UAE’s ambition and its evolving status as a global aviation hub. Conceived as a cornerstone of the world’s first 140 square kilometer purpose-built aerotropolis, Dubai World Central, this airport is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for private jet travelers. DWC offers an exquisite blend of luxury, efficiency, and innovation tailored for the discerning elite. With its expansive runway, which spans a remarkable 14,764 feet, even the largest private jet models can be easily accommodated. Operating at an elevation of 170 feet above sea level and located at coordinates 24.8964° N latitude and 55.1614° E longitude, the airport is perfectly positioned for both regional jaunts and intercontinental voyages. Its state-of-the-art FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) and lavish private terminals ensure that every traveler is treated to an unparalleled experience, befitting the opulence associated with Dubai.

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24.8964° N, 55.1614° E

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