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Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), situated just northeast of Paris, stands as one of Europe’s premier international gateways and offers unparalleled connectivity for travelers worldwide. Beyond its prominent role in commercial aviation, CDG also caters to a select clientele seeking the exclusivity and flexibility of private jet travel. With three runways, the longest stretching to 13,829 feet, CDG can accommodate anything from small, agile private jets to large corporate aircraft, ensuring that elite travelers can reach or depart from the City of Lights with ease. The airport rests at an elevation of 392 feet above sea level and is pinpointed at coordinates 49.0128° N latitude and 2.5499° E longitude. The presence of world-class FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators) ensures that private jet patrons experience the highest level of service, privacy, and efficiency when transiting through this bustling European hub.

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49.0128° N, 2.5499° E

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